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Ride the lightning with them as they explore all things METALLICA.

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    Episode 61 - MTV ICON

    MTV Icon: Metallica is almost 15 years old! This ill-fated series features the first television performance with Rob Trujillo, artists paying tribute to Metallica with some cool (and not so cool) covers, bizarre guest appearances, and a badass, unique medley from the boys ending with the debut of "Frantic." In this episode Clint and Ethan run through each performance, the presenters and debut a new segment on the show...Dave Mustaine Reads Dave Mustaine's Tweets. Enjoy!

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    Episode 60 - News, Tour & Metal Madness

    In this episode we discuss Metallica news over the last month, The World Wired tour picking back up and we have our friend and patron of the show Blaketallica on for a segment called, "Metal Madness." Blake is the head of the Metclub chapter The Frayed Ends of Tennessee and has the distinguished honor of being the fan with the most Metallica tattoos (31)! We hear Blake's Metallica story and he helps us weigh in on the best song from both Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. Enjoy!

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    Episode 59 - Garage Inc. (Disc 1)

    Garage, Inc. is possibly the finest covers album to grace our ears! We love that the boys not only included covers they had done in the past, but also went into the studio with Bob Rock to record an entirely new collection of songs. Completed in only two weeks after the Poor Retouring Me tour, this is Metallica at one of their undisputed peaks. From classics like Die, Die My Darling and It's Electric to newer jams like Nick Caves' Loverman, we can't get enough of Garage, Inc!

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    Episode 58 - Pushead (Brian Schroeder)

    If you own any Metallica merchandise chances are you own a Pushead design. From shirts like Harvester Of "Sorrow," "Damage Inc.," "Sad But True," and "Fixxxer," to home video releases like Cliff Em All and A Year And A Half all the way to the album artwork and logo for St. Anger, Pushead has designed more for Metallica than any other. The list is enormous and continues to grow today. He helped make an iconic brand for Metallica and his designs stand the test of time. Learn more about Pushead in this episode from his childhood in California and the midwest through his work with Thrasher Magazine, Septic Death, The Misfits, and of course, the mighty Metallica.

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    Episode 57 - Anniversary Party Recap

    First off, thank you to everyone who has supported this podcast through our first year! To celebrate, we threw a "Metallica Night" at one of our local bars here in Nashville, called The Cobra. We packed out the place with friends, new listeners, OG listeners and even had some folks play Metallica trivia and name that riff on stage. This episode is a run down of a lot of stuff that happened that night, with segments of trivia and name that riff. For those that wanted to come, we hope this makes you feel like you were there. Here's to another year!

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    Episode 56 - Kill 'Em All Deluxe Boxset

    In this episode, Clint and Ethan run through the Kill Em All Deluxe Boxset, playing clips from each disc, vinyl and dvd. We discuss in depth, every aspect of this very cool Metallica collectors item. We also give you an updated track by track of the album that started it all.

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    Episode 55 - 2017: A Year In The Life Of Metallica

    Happy New Year! We are officially 1 year old! First off, we can't thank you guys (the fans) enough for making our first year a great one! We put out 63 episodes, got to see Metallica multiple times, made Metalifriends, grew every month and you guys helped it grow far beyond what we expected. For our first episode of 2018, we are recapping the amazing year Metallica had, month by month. We get into the Worldwired Tour, The Grammys, It's Electric, song premiers, carpool karaoke and much more. This will also be a reoccurring episode once a month. We're gonna go back to 1981 and run through what the boys did each and every year. We're glad you're on the ride with us!

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    Episode 54 - The Best Of 2017 (Pt. 1)

    For our final episode of 2017 we combined the best bits from the first six months of the podcast. With the help of several dedicated listeners we combed through over fifty hours of Metal Up Your Podcast to sculpt what we hope is a well deserved love letter to our fans. With over 130,000 downloads, 200+ iTunes reviews and thousands of emails It's been an amazing year for us here at MUYP HQ. We're just getting started as we look ahead to 2018 and beyond! We've got a lot of special stuff planned and can't wait to share it with you all! Thank you so very much for being on this ride with us this year. We are truly honored to have your time, your ears and your friendship as we continue to celebrate all things Metallica. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you and your family's. And, as always, we hope you will all join us in the never ending crusade to ZONE IT! Love and hugs - Ethan and Clint

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    Episode 53 - Top 10 Metallica Cover Songs

    It's time for another top 10! This week, we sit down at HQ2 to discuss our top 10 songs Metallica has covered. Our lists were pretty different but we back them both. What are your favorite Metallica covers? We've also got segments from Paw Paw and Torben. Let us know by emailing us at

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    Episode 52 - Back To The Front w/ Guest Tom Kwei

    'Back To The Front' is a very in depth look at Metallica in the mid 80's, while recording and touring 'Master Of Puppets.' If you don't own this book, what are you doing?! For this episode, we are joined by fellow Metallica fan and podcaster, Tom Kwei of Alphabetallica. All the way from England, Tom shares his insights on the book, a top 10 list of non Metallica records and we even get Tom to participate in a MUYP Triva segment. Be sure and check out Tom's podcast, Alphabetallica asap!

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    Revisited #7 - Grammy Nominations & The Mustaine Tweets

    For our latest episode of Revisited we're joined by The Brad's from Single Podcast Theory, an all Pearl Jam podcast. We sat down at HQ2 to discuss Metallica's history at the Grammy's, their two nominations for Hardwired and the latest news on Mustaine's tweets about holding up a 'No Life Til Leather' box set. If you're a Pearl Jam fan, be sure and check out Single Podcast Theory wherever you listen to podcasts.

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    Episode 51 - Interview with Michael Wagener

    Michael Wagener is a world renown producer, mixer and engineer from Hamburg, Germany with total combined sales of over 100 million albums worldwide. He’s produced and mixed records for Metallica, Accept, Dokken, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Skid Row, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne. On the heels of the newly remastered Master of Puppets Deluxe Box set, we were able to sit down with Michael at his studio in Nashville to talk about his amazing career and what it was like mixing one of the greatest heavy metal records of all time.

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    Episode 50 - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct (Pt. 2)

    It's been just over a year since 'Hardwired' was released. We think it's time to give this album another episode and why not bring back everyone's favorite guest co-host, Paul Moak! We've had a year to absorb 'Hardwired' and our thoughts have changed quite a bit, since last January, when we released Part 1. What are your feelings about this album, one year later? Let us know by emailing us at metalupyourpodcastshow@gmailcom.

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    Episode 49 - Greg Fidelman (w/ Guest Paul Moak)

    This week, we're joined by our friend and guest host, Paul Moak. We talk about Greg Fidelman, producer of 'Hardwired...To Self Destruct." Paul brings his knowledge of the studio, producing, mixing and engineering to the discussion as we dissect what Greg has brought to the table for Metallica. We introduce a new segment called "Sweet Sixteen," in which we decide, once and for all, what the greatest Greg Fidelman produced Metallica song is. What's your favorite Greg Fidelman produced track? Let us know!

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    Episode 48 - Some Kind Of Monster (Pt. 2)

    Part 2 is here! We couldn't quite contain Some Kind Of Monster in just one episode. We pick back up around Kirk's anger about no guitar solos, we hear from Paw Paw and Torben, announce our Twitter contest winner and much more. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as the last. ZONE IT!

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    Episode 47 - Some Kind Of Monster (Pt. 1)

    It's Metallica's masterpiece film. Upon first viewing, you're thinking..."What happened to my band?!" Over the years of us watching 'Some Kind Of Monster,' we realized that this was an era of the band that needed to happen and we're thankful that they let the cameras in on it. It's the lowest point in their career but it's what ultimately led them to get healthier, make great records and still reign as the biggest heavy band in the world.

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    Episode 46 - The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited

    In this episode, we tackle one of the greatest EP's ever made. In between Puppets and Justice, Metallica decided to go into the studio and record 5 of the songs that most influenced them. Recorded in only 6 days, it stands as the first time we see the band as a loose rock n' roll garage band. Clint & Ethan review the EP, read fan mail and even introduce a new segment featuring our beloved Paw Paw. Email us your feedback at metalupyourpodcastshow@gmailcom.

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    Episode 45 - Cunning Stunts

    If you wrote off Metallica in the mid to late 90's, 'Cunning Stunts' is a must watch. Not only do they make sure the old school fans are happy, they absolutely destroy the songs off of 'Load.' We both agree that Metallica was in their musical prime in this era. In this episode, we burn through some facts and run through every track on this concert film/rom com...wait for it. Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at

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    Episode 44 - St. Anger

    It's finally here! Since day one, people have emailed us, asking for a St. Anger episode. Well, you got it. In this episode we list off some great facts about St. Anger, go through every track and give our thoughts...good and bad. What do you think of St. Anger? Let us know by emailing

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    Revisited #6 - Remembering Tom Petty

    What can you say about Tom Petty that hasn't already been said? Well, we don't know but we had to sit down and discuss this man's life. We have both been impacted by his music as writers, musicians and performers. Tom was easily one of the top songwriters of all time and we're forever thankful he shared his music with us for so long. Thank you, Tom.

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    Episode 43 - Kirk Hammett (Pt. 2)

    You want more Kirk Hammett? You got it! In this episode, we cover a few more things we didn't get a chance to talk about last time. Mostly, Kirk's love of all things horror. From the Orion "crypt" to his current exhibit in Massachusetts. You know we love us some kirk and had to record a part 2! Oh, there just might be a brand new segment in this one...

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    Episode 42 - Beyond Magnetic

    This was a nice surprise from Metallica in 2011. After playing each of these songs at the 30th anniversary shows, they gave us 'Beyond Magnetic.' Even though they were what was leftover from 'Death Magnetic,' these 4 songs could've easily been added to the album and we would've been happy about it. There's everything from classic Metallica, tempo changes, bold ideas, huge riffs to great lyrics. We hope you haven't overlooked this Metallica gem. Enjoy.

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    Episode 41 - Interview With Michael Alago

    We get on the phone with our new friend Michael Alago to discuss his incredible career in the music industry, from booking at the Ritz, to A&R at Elektra, his photography but most importantly, his life long love of music. Michael worked with such artists as White Zombie, Cyndi Lauper, Nina Simone, Traci Chapman and of course, METALLICA! He signed Metallica to Elektra in 1984 and worked with them until just before The Black Album was recorded. We hope you enjoy our talk with Michael and please check out his new documentary, 'Who The F**k Is That Guy? The Fabulous Journey Of Michael Alago.'

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    Episode 40 - James Hetfield (Pt. 2)

    You want more Hetfield? We'll give you more Hetfield. As our favorite member of Metallica, it's hard not to add a part 2. There's so much to say about James, someone might as well start a podcast about him. In this episode, we talk about Hetfield Honey, Hot Rods, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Tattoos and more . We also read your top 5 Hetfield riffs, and ours.

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    Episode 39 - James Hetfield (Pt. 1)

    For current Metallica members, we've saved the best for last! Episode 39 is all about James Hetfield. We both agree that James is an huge inspiration to us and easily, one of the best songwriters of our time. It's safe to say that we'll need to do another episode about James. We can't limit our love for James to just one episode. Let us know your thoughts and give us your top 5 Hetfield riffs by emailing us at

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    Revisited #5 - 1991 VMA's

    Do any of you remember what a badass performance this was? Metallica played the 1991 MTV VMA's along side Mariah Carey, Vn Halen, Poison (Ugh) and many more. In our opinion, they dominated the stage that night. It was only a few weeks after the release of The Black Album and they were on fire, having "Enter Sandman" be a new song t the time. You could see the excitement and feel the energy they had for this new era.

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    Episode 38 - Reload

    It's finally here! This week we're talking about one of Clint's favorite Metallica records...RELOAD! We talk about the good, the bad, the weird and so much more. Originally intended to be a double album with Load, Reload stands on it's own as one of the great Metallica records. The guys had more time in the studio with this batch of songs and we think it shows. If you wrote this record off a long time ago, we encourage you all to sit down with it once again and give it some much needed time. Enjoy.

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    Episode 37 - EP Teaser & Emails

    If you've been paying attention, Clint & Ethan are in the process of recording an all Metallica covers EP. This EP is not available to just anyone though. If you're a Patreon supporter, you will be receiving this exclusive EP, free of charge in the near future. Also in this episode are some great top 10's you sent us, in response to our previous episode. Enjoy!

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    Episode 36 - Top 10 Metallica Solos

    You know them...You love them...You hate them? Well, make your own list! In this episode, we each run through our top 10 Metallica solos and the reasons why they made our lists. There's something to be said about solos that are timeless and can even make you sing along to them. What are your favorite Metallica solos? Let us know at

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    Episode 35 - Quebec Magnetic

    Quebec Magnetic is one of Metallica's finest live releases. Filmed over the course of two nights, Metallica gives us a Death Magnetic heavy setlist with some classics and a few deep cuts mixed in. The band is tight, energetic and rarely slows down. In this episode, we burn down the setlist, discuss different guitars the guys use and give you a preview of our upcoming Metallica covers EP, which you'll be able to get through Patreon in the future.

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    Episode 34 - Robert Trujillo

    Robert is no stranger to Metallica these days, especially that he is now their longest running (crab walking) bass player. He had some huge shoes to fill by replacing Jason, but has done it so well and brought his own flavor to the band. Robert is an insanely accomplished musician with an impressive resume in his past. We love Robert in Metallica and couldn't wait to get this episode out! In this episode, we run through the history of Robert's bands, his studio work, his roll in Metallica and so much more.

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    Episode 33 - ...And Justice For All

    It's finally here! You've asked for it and we couldn't wait any longer. The 'And Justice For All' episode is already one of our favorites. We knock out a bunch of facts, a track by track breakdown, our thoughts on the musicianship, the lack of Jason's bass tracks and much more. Let us know your thought on 'Justice' by emailing us at

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    Episode 32 - Detroit Recap

    In the final episode of the Detroit Trilogy, we welcome back Paul Moak and run through our journey to see Metallica in Motor City. We give you a play by play of our drive up there, all the fast food consumed, recording an episode at Hockeytown Cafe and of course...seeing the mighty Metallica! A special thanks to Matt and Jason who hooked us up for the show and to Hockeytown Cafe for having us! It was so great to meet a bunch of podcast listeners in Detroit. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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    Episode 31 - Live From Detroit

    On July 12th...Ethan, Clint & Paul Moak made their way to Detroit to see Metallica. Once there, the kind people at Hockeytown Cafe let us set up, record an episode and talk to all sorts of Metallica fans. We had a blast chatting with the members of the Metallica family and losing our voices at the show.

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    Episode 30 - Ask Us Anything Pt. 1

    On our 8 hour journey to see Metallica in Detroit, we decided to record an episode in Ethan's car. We put it out there for you to ask us anything and you fired back in full force. In our longest episode yet, we answer all your questions! There might even be a cameo from one of wrestling's biggest stars...

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    Episode 29 - Lars Ulrich

    Take a trip with us to Denmark, as we discuss all things Lars! We get into so many things about our favorite (Recently Knighted) Danish friend. Without Sir Lars, there would be no Metallica. Who knows if the metal genre would have even taken off without Lars' help and we thank him for that. Love him or hate him, he is just as important to Metallica as James' songwriting. Let us know your thoughts at

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    Episode 27 - Ranking Metallica's Album Covers

    What's a Metallica album without the artwork? The cover art for an album can become an iconic flag for a band. It can be a reflection of the music that's on that album. In this episode, we run through all of Metallica's 10 studio album covers and rank them. Where do you stand? What's your top 10? Let us know at

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    Episode 26 - Load

    Metallica's 'Load' is a turning point for their fans, even more so than The Black Album. Some people love it, some hate it...some even gave up. In this episode we discuss every track, why people love or hate it, what we love and hate about it and Ethan getting to 75% love for this record. Let us know your thoughts at

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    Episode 25 - Worldwired Tour (St. Louis)

    It's Clint's turn to give us a run through of his journey from Nashville to the Snake Pit in St. Louis. A special thanks to our friend and listener, Brad Blazek, for making Clint's Metallica dreams come true. In this episode, we get to hear how Clint ended up 5 feet from Hetfield, soaking wet and having the time of his life seeing Metallica at Busch Stadium.

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    Episode 24 - Bob Rock w/ Special Guest Paul Moak

    We've got our very first guest! This week, Paul Moak (Producer/Musician) joins us to discuss Bob Rock. Was Bob the best thing for Metallica? Did Bob help ruin Metallica? We're a fan of (almost) all the Bob Rock era records. If it weren't for Bob, we wouldn't have the near perfect solo on The Unforgiven, as well as other Metallica songs that are now classics. Thanks to Paul for giving us his insight on what it's like to be a producer and for sharing his love of Metallica with us.

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    Revisited #4 - Remembering Chris Cornell

    In this episode, we remember Chris Cornell. His death was a shock to the music community. We've all been impacted by the music Chris left us with Soundgarden, Temple Of The dog, Audioslave and his solo albums. Write us your thoughts about Chris at Peace to Chris' family.

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    Episode 23 - Worldwired Tour (Philadelphia)

    On May 12th, Ethan had the last minute opportunity to see Metallica in Philadelphia, at Lincoln Financial Field. In this episode, Ethan gives a play by play of the show day, setlist, production, sound...everything. This experience only only raises the excitement for the Detroit show, that Clint and Ethan will also be attending. Don't forget to email us your Worldwired experience at

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    Episode 22 - A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica (Pt. 2)

    Here we go with Part 2! The glitz, the glamour and the hammered (Looking at you, Slash). A Year & A Half Pt. 2 is the touring cycle of the black album. We get to see the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous. Lars hanging with the creepy jail chick, underwear on coat hangers, "fucking sandwiches," a ton of great live performances and much much more.

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    Episode 21 - A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica (Pt. 1)

    This is Metallica's first time at having cameras surrounding them almost full time. Sure, we had 'Cliff Em All' to watch, but this is showing us what happens behind closed doors. Of course, behind those closed doors is what would become their biggest record to date, The Black Album. In this episode we run through the documentary and give our thoughts on things like their departure from the old sound, the addition of Jason's bass, Hetfield's progression as a songwriter, Lars' thunderous drum tracks, Kirk getting his ass kicked on The Unforgiven and of course...Bob Rock's button up shirts and turtle necks.

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    Revisited #3 - On This Day (May 1st, 1988)

    May 1st, 1988. Metallica finished recording one of their classic albums, 'And Justice For All.' In this episode of Revisited, we discuss a bit of the release, production and impact of AJFA. We also dive a bit into 'Load' & 'Reload,' because on the same day in 1995, Metallica began work on what would be those records.

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    Episode 20 - Clint & Ethan Read Your Album Rankings

    In this episode, Clint & Ethan read your top 10 Metallica records, as we did on a previous episode. You guys really pulled through on this one. We got a ton of submissions and we read them all, even those who had St. Anger at the top. Seriously, what's up with that?

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    Episode 19 - Death Magnetic

    Death Magnetic was Metallica's highly anticipated comeback record in 2008. Was is gonna sound like St. Anger? Black Album? No one knew until we started to see clips of songs surface online. Songs like "Cyanide" and "The Day that Never Comes" were released and praise to the gods of metal, we got another thrash record from Metallica! There's probably more thrash on this record than most. Some people wrote this record off because of the production quality, which wasn't amazing, however, we back it and the songs are great.

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    Episode 18 - Kirk Hammett (Pt. 1)

    We read a few fan emails and get into The Ripper, Kirk Hammett. Kirk has undoubtably left a huge mark in Metallica history. He has memorable leads and a quiet but powerful voice in the machine that is Metallica. We can't imagine this band without Kirk. This is our love letter to Kirk Hammett. We list our top 5 Hammett solos...what are yours? Email us at We'll read your lists on a subsequent episode.

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    Episode 17 - S&M

    You asked for it and you got it! S&M is one of our most requested albums to do an episode on. Easily one of metal's most ambitious live albums, it was nothing short of a hit, selling 8 million copies. Metallica took inspiration from Cliff and ventured into classical music. With Michael Kamen at the helm, all the songs we love took on new life with S&M and we're still listening to it almost 20 years later. This episode is dedicated to the memory and music of Michael Kamen. RIP.

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    Episode 16 - Clint & Ethan Rank Metallica's Albums

    Well, we finally had some audio issues. On this episode, Clint & Ethan recorded remotely and Clint's computer was being an ass...but enough about that. This is our "Rank Metallica's albums" episode! We've all done it, over and over again. We read a ton of fan mail and each read through our top 10 list of Metallica's albums. What are yours? Please let us know by sending an email to

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    Episode 15 - No Life Til Leather (Demo)

    Sure, there were a few demos before this, but 'No Life Til Leather' is what got the ball rolling with Metallica in the early days. This was the demo that got into the hands of Johnny Z, got them signed and eventually led them to get in the studio to record 'Kill Em All.' Although the songs didn't change much from the demo (other than The Mechanix), it's a great representation of what was happening in the early 80's thrash metal scene. Plus, Muscatine's leads on this? Come on...He rips. In this episode we read some fan mail and discuss the cassette that started it all.

  54. Thumb 1489593078 artwork

    Episode 14 - "What If?"

    We've all asked them. "What if Cliff didn't die?" "What If Dave wasn't fired?" "What if?!" We asked and you full force! In this episode, Clint and Ethan answer all your "What If?" questions. There were so many good ones. If we didn't get to yours, don't worry, this is definitely a topic that deserves a part 2. Thank you to all the fans of the podcast for submitting their questions!

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    Revisited #2 - Metallica's First Show

    In our second "Revisited" episode, we briefly discuss Metallica's very first show. The birth of Metallica on the stage. 35 years ago...James, Lars, Dave and Ron took the stage in Anaheim, CA. Although not the smoothest show they've ever played, it began the on stage journey to the Metallica we know and love today.

  56. Thumb 1488668915 artwork

    Episode 13 - Flemming Rasmussen

    Arguably Metallica's best producer. I mean, he did record Lightning, Puppets & Justice! Fleming Rasmussen is no stranger to the world of Metallica. In this episode, we dig into Flemming as a producer, engineer and discuss what it would be like if he produced another Metallica record in the future. Also, if you miss our church giggles...well, listen for yourself.

  57. Thumb 1488667671 artwork

    Episode 12 - Through The Never

    It's one of Metallica's best looking and sounding concert films, it got good reviews and somehow tanked at the box office. Through The Never wasn't a smash for the band but this is up there in quality and should not be skipped over. Despite some cheesy moments (Robert & the wall of CGI bass amps), we back this film and sit down to run through it, chronologically. The ups, the downs and in betweens. We also read fan mail at the top of the show, as this will become a regular thing.

  58. Thumb 1486749740 artwork

    Episode 11 - Jason Newsted

    He was the last to audition for Metallica to fill the void that was Cliff Burton. He became a fan favorite and didn't bother living up to Cliff, but carved out his own legacy in Metallica history. That's why we love Jason Newsted so much! In this episode we briefly examine Jason's music history and discuss the huge impact he had in Metallica, despite climbing uphill the whole time.

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    Episode 10 - 30th Anniversary Shows

    30 years of Metallica! 4 Shows at The Fillmore in San Fransisco! Are you kidding? We only got to witness these historic Metallica concerts on YouTube and they were glorious. Metallica stopped at nothing to make sure anyone involved with Metallica was in attendance or on stage. Mustaine, McGovney, Ozzy, Danzig, Newsted...just to name a few. It was a true fan friendly event. Clint and Ethan examine all four nights of these shows, go through all the setlists and imagine what it was like to be in attendance. We can only hope for some 40th anniversary shows and hope we can be there, as 5th members.

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    Revisited #1 - The Grammys, Gaga & U.S. Tour

    From time to time, we are going to try and cover current event news and release it immediately. To start, let's discuss the Grammy performance by Metallica & Lady Gaga. Hetfield's mic not working, Lady Gaga basically killing it, Hetfield tossing his guitar, who's fault was it and who got an earful last night? Despite the glitches, it was good to see the boys wearing it out up there and Hetfield making the most of the situation. We got some great moments between him and Gaga, for sure.

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    Episode 9 - Clint & Ethan Read Your Top 10's & Fan Mail

    Episode 9 is ALL ABOUT YOU! It's always been a goal of ours to include you, the fans. We had an outpouring of emails, comments and lists after we released out Top 10's episode. You wrote and we read it all. In this episode, we go over your top 10's and read through fan mail. This will be the first of many episodes like this. Thank you to the Metallica fans who have supported our podcast thus far!

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    Episode 8 - The Black Album

    Our longest episode yet! I mean, are we surprised? It's The Black Album! It's one of the best selling albums of all time and the best selling of the last 25 years. This is the album that would end up changing Metallica for years to come, their first with Bob Rock, arguably their best sounding album and would go on to never sell less than 1000 a this day! Clint & Ethan dive deep into this record and it's easily one of their favorites. Love it or hate it, The Black Album has made one of the biggest marks in music history.

  63. Thumb 1485200205 artwork

    Episode 7 - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

    This is our first remotely recorded episode. As you may know, we travel for a living in music and we've finally had to record outside of Nashville. In this episode, we're in Detroit and Miami discussing Metallica's latest release, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. It's strange to dive into a record that's only been out a couple months, but we're so excited about it that we just had to. We go through every track, the lack of Kirk's influence, the return of James' classic vocals, the step is Greg Fidelman the new Bob Rock and so much more. Feel free to send us your thoughts on Hardwired by emailing us at

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    Episode 5 - Cliff Burton

    How do you sum up Cliff in an episode? We have no idea, but we managed to do our best in 57 minutes. Cliff is a huge reason Metallica evolved, as they did, in the early years. We've talked about it a lot. It makes a lot of sense that Metallica went the musical route they did, post Cliff. Love it to hate it, we believe Cliff was a huge part in Metallica becoming the band you old school fans don't love. We both agree that Cliff was (and still is) the only band member that was (musically) looked up to, outside of the other three. One thing we can all agree on is that without Cliff, there's no Metallica.

  66. Thumb 1482475982 artwork

    Episode 4 - Master Of Puppets

    Clint & Ethan dive into (arguably) the best Metallica album. It's definitely Ethan's favorite. 1986 was THEE year. The record was released, Metallica supported Ozzy for 5 months, Metallica had their first gold record, The Big 4 and Alcoholica were coined, Cliff left us and we got Jason. Even if you weren't a Metallica fan in '86, this was one of the most important years of the band's history. We run through some facts about 'Master Of Puppets," a track by track breakdown...and so much more!

  67. Thumb 1482116114 artwork

    Episode 3 - Ride The Lightning

    In this episode, we tackle Clint's favorite Metallica record, 'Ride The Lightning.' We discuss the evolution of their songwriting, Cliff's influence, whether or not Creeping Death is the best song on the record, the wonderful insanity of "The Call Of Ktulu," can a thrash band write a ballad, a track by track breakdown of the record and much more.

  68. Thumb 1482085008 artwork

    Episode 2 - Kill 'Em All

    Clint & Ethan sit down to dissect all things Kill 'Em All, Metallica's debut full length album. In this episode we talk about our favorite tracks, stories from that era, Dave Mustaine being fired, a track by track break down and so much more.

  69. Thumb 1481124984 artwork

    Episode 1 - Clint & Ethan Jump In The Fire (An Introduction)

    Clint Wells & Ethan Luck are 2 musicians based in Nashville, TN who both share a love of all things Metallica. It's what caused them to be the friends they are today and start this podcast. Episode 1 is an introduction to the two of them, who they are and why they love Metallica.

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