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Clint and Ethan are two touring musicians based in Nashville, TN.
Ride the lightning with them as they explore all things METALLICA.

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    Episode 74 - MUYP Radio pt. 1

    Due to last minute logistics complications from touring Ethan was not able to participate in this episode. Rather than take a week off we decided to introduce a new series called MUYP Radio. In this episode, we listen to ten of Clint's favorite deep cuts and talk about the song and why it's so special. Other topics covered in this episode:

    • The recently announced European STADIUM tour
    • The similarities between Metallica and Alice In Chains
    • The role of the ENGINEER in the recording process
    • Throwing rocks at Nickleback
    • Mike Portnoy talking shit about Metallica
    • The new Cliff Burton Documentary
    • The deep, mythological meaning of Blue Oyster Cult songs
    • ETC.
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    Episode 73 - 1985: A Year In The Life Of Metallica

    Continuing on with 'A Year In The Life Of Metallica,' we bring you 1985. While the band was mostly touring, there were some very important moment in this year. The main one being the writing and recording of small unknown album called 'Master Of Puppets.' We also run through a good amount of notable shows from 1985, special moments and great quotes from fans who attended these shows.

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    Episode 72 - 1984: A Year In The Life Of Metallica

    Continuing on with our 'A Year In The Life...' series with 1984. This was another huge year for Metallica. Not only did they record and release 'Ride The Lightning,' they began a relationship with Flemming Rasmussen and also took the next step toward becoming the massive metal band We all know and love by signing with Elektra. We have our friend Michael Alago to thank for that one! This was also a busy year for the boys, as they did their first headlining tour of Europe. We hope you enjoy our little trip back in time to 1984 and our first listen at Clint’s cover of “Where The Wild Things Are” from the upcoming Cover Our World Blackened, Vol. 2!

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    Episode 71 - 1983: A Year In The Life Of Metallica

    The year was 1983. Not much happened, other than...Cliff played his first show, Mustaine was fired, Kirk was hired, Kill 'Em All was recorded, Kill 'Em All was released, Metallica's first US tour...yeah, so not much. Clint and Ethan run through all the great events of 1983 in Metallica world. This was Metallica's first really busy year as a band. It was a year that shaped the band into what we know them as now.

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    Episode 70 - VH1 Behind The Music: Metallica

    In this week's episode, we take a break from our Binge & Purge episodes to talk about one of our favorite VH1 shows 'Behind The Music.' The Metallica episode is clearly at the top of our list, but whoever VH1 did a 'Behind The Music' on was a great episode. There's a lot of content in this episode that we already knew, but VH1 did a great job of cramming a long Metallica history into 45 minuets. It makes us wish someone would do a 4 hour documentary on the boys. Do you remember watching this episode when it first aired live? Let us know your thoughts at

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    Revisited #8 - Cover Our World Blackened Vol. 1 (Commentary)

    Revisited is back! For this episode, we're taking a look back at our Metallica cover EP, 'Cover Our World Blackened' (Vol.1). We go through every track, telling a bit of history, talk about gear, ideas, where we recorded it and much more. Be sure and visit to learn how to get this EP!

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    Episode 69 - Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego)

    Part 2 of 'Binge & Purge' is here! This week we're a few short years beyond the Seattle show and Metallica is touring The Black Album. They still have the energy of the Justice era but the set is filled with (now) Black Album classics. They even open with "Enter Sandman," which seems insane nowadays. Take a trip with us through the stacked setlist, justice medley, awkward drum solo, three encores and more!

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    Episode 68 - Live Shit: Binge & Purge (Seattle)

    It was Metallica's very first live release and they didn't hold anything back. Edited together from multiple shows, 'Live Shit: Binge & Purge' was an amazing collection of Metallica performances from one of their many peaks as a band. In this episode, we examine the famous Seattle show from August 29th & 30th in 1989. The energy from this era is unmatched. They were touring '...And Justice For All' and completely unstoppable. Each member of the band were at a musical peak and the crowd was downright intimidating. In the next two episodes, we'll be going over the San Diego and Mexico City shows.

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    Episode 67 - Interview With Jim Florentine

    If you're a fan of any type of heavy music, then you should absolutely know who Jim Florentine is. We had the honor of getting Jim on the phone to talk about everything from driving Metallica around New Jersey, his start with Terrorizing Telemarketers, Crank Yankers, That Metal Show, to Metallica and everything in between. Jim is a life long Metallica fan and may have even been in a heated arguement over St. Anger. We can't thank Jim enough for taking the time to chat with us while promoting his new book, 'Everybody Is Awful (Except You!)

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    Episode 66 - Garage Inc. (Disc 2)

    Who doesn't love Garage, Inc.? Seriously, who?! Disc 2 is a great collection of a bunch of songs Metallica covered over the years. Some ended up as b-sides, rarities and of course, on our beloved Garage Days. We burn through a track by track, , Paw Paw shows up randomly and we even discuss the wonderful world of competitive hot dog eating. ALSO - Enjoy the new Lunar Satan track" Set The Witch On Fire (Again).

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