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    Episode 14 - "What If?"

    We've all asked them. "What if Cliff didn't die?" "What If Dave wasn't fired?" "What if?!" We asked and you full force! In this episode, Clint and Ethan answer all your "What If?" questions. There were so many good ones. If we didn't get to yours, don't worry, this is definitely a topic that deserves a part 2. Thank you to all the fans of the podcast for submitting their questions!

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    Revisited #2 - Metallica's First Show

    In our second "Revisited" episode, we briefly discuss Metallica's very first show. The birth of Metallica on the stage. 35 years ago...James, Lars, Dave and Ron took the stage in Anaheim, CA. Although not the smoothest show they've ever played, it began the on stage journey to the Metallica we know and love today.

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    Episode 13 - Flemming Rasmussen

    Arguably Metallica's best producer. I mean, he did record Lightning, Puppets & Justice! Fleming Rasmussen is no stranger to the world of Metallica. In this episode, we dig into Flemming as a producer, engineer and discuss what it would be like if he produced another Metallica record in the future. Also, if you miss our church giggles...well, listen for yourself.

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    Episode 12 - Through The Never

    It's one of Metallica's best looking and sounding concert films, it got good reviews and somehow tanked at the box office. Through The Never wasn't a smash for the band but this is up there in quality and should not be skipped over. Despite some cheesy moments (Robert & the wall of CGI bass amps), we back this film and sit down to run through it, chronologically. The ups, the downs and in betweens. We also read fan mail at the top of the show, as this will become a regular thing.

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    Episode 11 - Jason Newsted

    He was the last to audition for Metallica to fill the void that was Cliff Burton. He became a fan favorite and didn't bother living up to Cliff, but carved out his own legacy in Metallica history. That's why we love Jason Newsted so much! In this episode we briefly examine Jason's music history and discuss the huge impact he had in Metallica, despite climbing uphill the whole time.

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    Episode 10 - 30th Anniversary Shows

    30 years of Metallica! 4 Shows at The Fillmore in San Fransisco! Are you kidding? We only got to witness these historic Metallica concerts on YouTube and they were glorious. Metallica stopped at nothing to make sure anyone involved with Metallica was in attendance or on stage. Mustaine, McGovney, Ozzy, Danzig, Newsted...just to name a few. It was a true fan friendly event. Clint and Ethan examine all four nights of these shows, go through all the setlists and imagine what it was like to be in attendance. We can only hope for some 40th anniversary shows and hope we can be there, as 5th members.

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    Revisited #1 - The Grammys, Gaga & U.S. Tour

    From time to time, we are going to try and cover current event news and release it immediately. To start, let's discuss the Grammy performance by Metallica & Lady Gaga. Hetfield's mic not working, Lady Gaga basically killing it, Hetfield tossing his guitar, who's fault was it and who got an earful last night? Despite the glitches, it was good to see the boys wearing it out up there and Hetfield making the most of the situation. We got some great moments between him and Gaga, for sure.

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    Episode 9 - Clint & Ethan Read Your Top 10's & Fan Mail

    Episode 9 is ALL ABOUT YOU! It's always been a goal of ours to include you, the fans. We had an outpouring of emails, comments and lists after we released out Top 10's episode. You wrote and we read it all. In this episode, we go over your top 10's and read through fan mail. This will be the first of many episodes like this. Thank you to the Metallica fans who have supported our podcast thus far!

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    Episode 8 - The Black Album

    Our longest episode yet! I mean, are we surprised? It's The Black Album! It's one of the best selling albums of all time and the best selling of the last 25 years. This is the album that would end up changing Metallica for years to come, their first with Bob Rock, arguably their best sounding album and would go on to never sell less than 1000 a this day! Clint & Ethan dive deep into this record and it's easily one of their favorites. Love it or hate it, The Black Album has made one of the biggest marks in music history.

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    Episode 7 - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

    This is our first remotely recorded episode. As you may know, we travel for a living in music and we've finally had to record outside of Nashville. In this episode, we're in Detroit and Miami discussing Metallica's latest release, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. It's strange to dive into a record that's only been out a couple months, but we're so excited about it that we just had to. We go through every track, the lack of Kirk's influence, the return of James' classic vocals, the step is Greg Fidelman the new Bob Rock and so much more. Feel free to send us your thoughts on Hardwired by emailing us at

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