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Clint and Ethan are two touring musicians based in Nashville, TN.
Ride the lightning with them as they explore all things METALLICA.

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    Episode 35 - Quebec Magnetic

    Quebec Magnetic is one of Metallica's finest live releases. Filmed over the course of two nights, Metallica gives us a Death Magnetic heavy setlist with some classics and a few deep cuts mixed in. The band is tight, energetic and rarely slows down. In this episode, we burn down the setlist, discuss different guitars the guys use and give you a preview of our upcoming Metallica covers EP, which you'll be able to get through Patreon in the future.

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    Episode 34 - Robert Trujillo

    Robert is no stranger to Metallica these days, especially that he is now their longest running (crab walking) bass player. He had some huge shoes to fill by replacing Jason, but has done it so well and brought his own flavor to the band. Robert is an insanely accomplished musician with an impressive resume in his past. We love Robert in Metallica and couldn't wait to get this episode out! In this episode, we run through the history of Robert's bands, his studio work, his roll in Metallica and so much more.

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    Episode 33 - ...And Justice For All

    It's finally here! You've asked for it and we couldn't wait any longer. The 'And Justice For All' episode is already one of our favorites. We knock out a bunch of facts, a track by track breakdown, our thoughts on the musicianship, the lack of Jason's bass tracks and much more. Let us know your thought on 'Justice' by emailing us at

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    Episode 32 - Detroit Recap

    In the final episode of the Detroit Trilogy, we welcome back Paul Moak and run through our journey to see Metallica in Motor City. We give you a play by play of our drive up there, all the fast food consumed, recording an episode at Hockeytown Cafe and of course...seeing the mighty Metallica! A special thanks to Matt and Jason who hooked us up for the show and to Hockeytown Cafe for having us! It was so great to meet a bunch of podcast listeners in Detroit. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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    Episode 30 - Ask Us Anything Pt. 1

    On our 8 hour journey to see Metallica in Detroit, we decided to record an episode in Ethan's car. We put it out there for you to ask us anything and you fired back in full force. In our longest episode yet, we answer all your questions! There might even be a cameo from one of wrestling's biggest stars...

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    Episode 31 - Live From Detroit

    On July 12th...Ethan, Clint & Paul Moak made their way to Detroit to see Metallica. Once there, the kind people at Hockeytown Cafe let us set up, record an episode and talk to all sorts of Metallica fans. We had a blast chatting with the members of the Metallica family and losing our voices at the show.

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    Episode 29 - Lars Ulrich

    Take a trip with us to Denmark, as we discuss all things Lars! We get into so many things about our favorite (Recently Knighted) Danish friend. Without Sir Lars, there would be no Metallica. Who knows if the metal genre would have even taken off without Lars' help and we thank him for that. Love him or hate him, he is just as important to Metallica as James' songwriting. Let us know your thoughts at

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    Episode 27 - Ranking Metallica's Album Covers

    What's a Metallica album without the artwork? The cover art for an album can become an iconic flag for a band. It can be a reflection of the music that's on that album. In this episode, we run through all of Metallica's 10 studio album covers and rank them. Where do you stand? What's your top 10? Let us know at

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    Episode 26 - Load

    Metallica's 'Load' is a turning point for their fans, even more so than The Black Album. Some people love it, some hate it...some even gave up. In this episode we discuss every track, why people love or hate it, what we love and hate about it and Ethan getting to 75% love for this record. Let us know your thoughts at

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