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Clint and Ethan are two professional musicians and songwriters based in Nashville, TN. Ethan is a Grammy nominated guitarist and drummer (Kings of Leon, Relient K, The OC Supertones, Demon Hunter) and Clint is a world touring guitarist (Rodney Atkins, Mindy Smith, Jessie Baylin) and songwriter (Rough Trade Publishing).

From all over the world on tour or at their respective studios in Nashville, ride the lightning with them on weekly episodes as they explore all things METALLICA.

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Austin City Limits - Pt. 1)

    For this episode of Metal Tales From The Road, Ethan gets on the phone with listener, Mike Fehl, who attended the Austin City Limits Festival! Ethan and Mike run through the set list, talk technical difficulties, Mike's Metallica story, his favorite album, song and much more. Get involved on our Patreon page to have a chance to review a show on an episode!

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    Episode 94 - Ride The Lighting (w/ Commentary)

    Continuing on with our commentary series, We sit down at HQ1 and listen along to 'Ride The Lightning!' We break down the intricacies of the songwriting, Kirk's masterful leads, James' matured vocals and the memorable influence and parts of the great Cliff Burton. This is (easily) one of the best thrash and metal records of all time. There will be an episode like this, in the future, for every album. Let us know your thoughts on 'Ride The Lightning' by emailing us at

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Reading Festival, 2015)

    Clint talks with patron Tom Dean about attending the Reading Festival on August 29th, 2015. Tom won the meet and greet and was able to spend the entire show ON STAGE with Metallica. Other topics include:

    • Getting into Metallica in the 90's
    • Actually wanting to hear St. Anger songs in the set
    • The debut of Spit Out the Bone in London 2017
    • Metallica's history with the San Francisco Giants
    • Seeing Metallica play The Black Album in full
    • Meeting Rob, Kirk and Lars
    • European Black Tickets

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    Episode 93 - MUYP Radio (All Metallica Hour)

    Due to touring restrictions we weren't able to coordinate an episode. This week we give you another MUYP Radio, this time ALL Metallica. Clint answers fan emails and questions and debuts "Whiskey In The Jar" from the forthcoming Cover Our World Blackened, Vol. 2.

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Hardwired Experience)

    In this special episode of "Metal Tales From the Road" Clint talks with Tyler Harder who has been lucky enough to have TWO Hardwired Experiences in both Edmonton 2017 and Saskatoon 2018.

    Tyler walks us through the entire experience from start to finish, lets us in on what he talked to the Boys about, which ones are easier than others to talk to, the Memory Remains Museum, the Spit Out The Bone Buffet, and the entire experience in general.

    We also hear his story about being at the taping of Through The Never and his experience with new technology that allows Hardwired VIP's to listen to Metallica personal in-ear mixes while they play live!

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Saskatoon, SK)

    Fo this installment of Metal Tales From The road, I (Ethan) am joined by long time Metallica fan, Allan Feildel! Allan has been on the ride since 1988, seen 6 shows and recently attended the show in Saskatoon. We get to know Allan a bit, hear his Metallica story, break down the set list, why cold medicine and beer might not be the best combo (or is it?!) and Allan let's us in on how Metallica has been an important part of his marriage. Awwwww! Thank you again to Allan, for taking time out of his schedule to give us a recap of the Saskatoon show!

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    Episode 92 - 10 Years of Death Magnetic

    10 years of Death Magnetic?! Yep! In this episode, Clint and Ethan listen through the record (in it's entirety) and give you a play by play commentary. What are your thoughts on the album, 10 years later? Has your mind changed? Do you feel the same? Let us know by emailing us at

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Winnipeg, CA)

    Show #6! 09/13/18 Winnipeg, Canada

    Our friend and Patron Paul Miller joins Clint to discuss the Winnipeg show. We talk about Metallica's relationship with Canada, the tour debut of The Four Horsemen, the "Devil's Dance" tease, the power of the "One" video and multi-generational appeal of the mighty Metallica.

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    Metal Tales From The Road (Sioux Falls, SD)

    Show #5! 09/11/18 Sioux Falls, SD

    Joining us for this episode is Shane Obershaw, the drummer for one of the world's most popular Metallica tribute bands: One. Shane and Clint talk about the formation of One, the differences between a cover band and a tribute band, their James Hetfield doppelgänger, and the importance of getting the music and the looks right (the band's stage props include a Doris statue, RTL electric chair and even a Metal Up Your Ass toilet!).

    Shane has seen over 70 Metallica shows. As the owner of one of the coveted Black Tickets, Shane walks us through the first five shows. We talk setlist variation, stage production, the moth drones and send well wishes to our homie Kirk Hammett who took quite a spill during Bellz.

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    Episode 91 - 1991: A Year In the Life Of Metallica

    Here we are at, quite possibly, Metallica's biggest and life changing year, 1991! It's the year of The Black Album! Whether you got on or off the ride with TBA, there's no denying that Metallica's world changed drastically. In this episode we break down all that went on in 1991, the mixing, mastering and release of TBA, we hear from The Joyce's, a Paw Paw and Tom Petty colab, the VMAs, Soul Glo and so much more! Let us know your thoughts on 1991 by emailing

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